Moving home seems to be only second to a death in the family when it comes to stress and personal upset. With only a little planning however, the problems usually associated to relocating can be whisked away. Its not easy for those of us who are not so tactically minded, so you may need to find a family member to help you with all the planning, to save you making any drastic errors! If you do not have a loved one who can guide you through the process, then here are ten tips for home removals around Croydon.

1. Use a professional standard removals firm. The British Association of Removers, or BAR are a great place to start in finding the right movers for you. Items that are heavy of delicate should be handled by adequately trained individuals, so avoid trying to do things your self and making a mess of it! Professional moving companies will be insured up to the hilt, a great deal more experience in such matters, and can even pack the place up for you!

2. Plan vigorously, by creating a whole list of things that could go wrong. This includes visiting the house and looking into how the new place could affect your move. List all that needs repairing in advance, and make notes as to what needs doing in what order. You can leave smaller things until after you have settled on in, if it makes things easier.

3. While completing number 2, get a look at all of your new appliances to see what condition they are in, and have them serviced by a professional. This will help prevent last minute upsets, like having no hot water, light, or heating when you first arrive. Get your cooker and fridge looked at by a registered engineer who can give you the lowdown on the condition of your units. If there are any issues with things then you can plan in advance to make them less of a problem, for instance finding the number for a takeaway food vendor, or a local laundromat, should your cooker or washing machine be faulty.

4. Advance order any new keys or locks. There is always a fear, especially if you’re moving into a new flat in the city, that some one else may have the key to your new place. If this is a fear, then you can arrange to have a locksmith give you new locks on the day you move in. It is advisable however, to wait until the house is settled in to, otherwise the locksmith may have to contend with the constantly in and out removal men for space.

5. Get a professional cleaner in. There is likely a lot of cleaning to do in your old property, once all of the dust of moving furniture has settled, so get a professional in. It will cost around ?200-?300, but could well be worth it if you have limited time and resources. You may well find that you re enlist them at your new property!

6. The first day at your new house should not be mired by an expensive parking fine! Research the parking permits in your new area, and specifically just out side your new house. let your removal service know of these implications, and if needs be, get hold of lots of change for the meter!

7. Connect your communications systems as quickly as possible. Getting the internet set up can take up to a week at best, so get on it as soon as you arrive, you don’t want to be losing time and money on undone work when you’ve just moved in!

8. If you have children, make arrangements for them to be looked after on the day, and even while you unpack. Kids take a lot of attention, which you may not be able to handle with the weight of the move on your mind.
9. Keep a supply of drinks and snacks available. Moving is hard and thirsty work, so don’t be having to rush out to pick up supplies when your time is precious!

10. Smile! Enjoy your new home, and keep that on your mind if things get too much!…

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