When looking for a nice suburban area to move to in the east part of the English capital, it will be good idea to try your luck at the Bromley district. The previous history of a market town of the area influenced very much its development and the fact that it is considered to be the administrative center of the identically named borough.

The successful growing and the good opportunities for living and work in the area turned this part of one of the most preferred in the region which has attracted many newcomers and residents. This on its side led to the significant increasing of the population in the last few decades. Logically all of the above made the developing district part of the bigger area of Greater London.

Those of the new residents who are planning to come for longer in the area and are at the same time admirers of the culture events will love to know that there is a theatre in the surrounding, called Churchill. It is very successful and is both accepting and playing production from outside as well as producing its own ones.

The education is one aspect of the life you will love for the area, especially when you have children at the proper age. There are several professional schools and one college as well. The great efforts of the staff working in the schools were rewarded as one of the places in the surrounding received a prize for outstanding achievements in its work.

The key to a cheap moving in the area is in the good planning. And the good planning needs good long thinking. If you spend enough time to try to make a list of all the necessary things that have to be done to make your relocation successful, you will have less troubles in the future – that is guaranteed.

Try to prepare yourself for the moving. Read blogs and articles for the packing and try to sort your stuff, so you will not take too much things. The price for a container and for a van to rent makes big difference to your budget.

Prior to coming to the new place is the packing of the furniture, clothes and everything else that you are going to take with you. Of course if you ask the removal company they will provide with all the packaging materials necessary. But you can cut significant part the finances from this aspect of the moving by searching your old place first for boxes, stickers and tape left, which are good for use. In case you have moved before, you can be almost sure that you will find some. However, when you find them do not use everything you have. Depending on how long there are staying in your basement or attic, they may have become not god for further use. Take only those which are in good condition.

In case you do not have so much time to sort them out, use them only for light object that are not fragile as well. It will be very hazardous to put electronics or glass inside.

When you do not want to spend money for boxes, but you still need too many, ask the local grocery stores in your old neighborhood to give you some.

When you have things to be transported that are slightly too much for one van, revise the luggage and cut it to one van exactly.

Try to use the working days for your relocation. This will save you money from the extra charges.

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