A stress free removal and storage is the stuff of dreams for most movers as they often find they come up against unexpected issues during their move. Here are some essential tips to make sure you avoid the common problems people face when moving and storing their possessions.

• Plan ahead
It is impossible to over prepare for your Barnes removal especially if you are planning to move your items in to storage as well. It is important to make sure that you fully understand the size and complexity of your move so that you can leave enough time to get everything boxed and ready for moving and storage Barnes. You can buy packing boxes in bulk online or from your Barnes removal company so that you can be sure that you have enough to pack all your items in to safely and securely. The benefit of buying them from your removal company is that they will often buy back any unused boxes so that you do not waste money on unused boxes.

• Find the right company for the job
It is important to make a list of what it is you need from your removal and storage companies before you look to hire one. Things to consider would be the size and complexity of your move and whether or not you need regular access to your items whilst they are in storage. If you have large, heavy or fragile items to be moved and stored it is best to look for a Barnes Removals company that is specially trained and equipped with the right tools to manage your move effectively. Most removal companies will offer a storage service at an additional cost. This is beneficial for many as it means they only have to hire one company to collect, transport and store their items. The company will then store your items for you until you are ready for them to deliver it to your new address. However if you need regular access to your items it may be better to locate a self-storage company that can offer you access to your items. Many self-storage companies will offer access during normal business hours and some will offer extended hours with some offering 24 hours access. Due to this it is best to think about what it is you are looking for from a storage company before you hire a unit.

• List and Label
Whether you are moving one house across or storing you possessions for a month before you move abroad, listing and labelling your items is important. By labelling each box with its contents and making a list of the box number and its contents you are able to take the stress of lost possessions out of your move. This is important as it minimises the need to open and rummage through your boxes when you realise you have packed something you need. It also allows you to check that all your possessions are moved and stored without anything getting forgotten and lost. If your items are going to be in storage for a long time then keeping your list safe will help you to minimise rummaging around in your storage unit as well as minimising the risk of you buying duplicates of things you think you need but have forgotten you already own!

If you follow these tips, plan ahead and think carefully about what it is you need from your removal and storage company then there should be no reason why you should be left feeling stressed when it comes to moving day.

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