Considering your options for a removal company can be a daunting process. There are so many companies to choose from in the city alone, that making a decision can be harder than choosing your house! The right Twickenham removal service for you will cater for your needs as well as offering a fair price for their services. Be vigilant when looking in to the various companies out there, and make sure that you only deal with ones that will keep you in mind at all times. There is no point in paying for twenty men to move you out of a two bedroom flat in central London!

When you know what you need for the job to be done swiftly and cost effectively, call p a variety of removals companies and compare their quotes. If you feel like one quote is too high, then ask exactly why it is so much, their answer will allow you to determine whether they are trying to pull the wool over your eyes for a quick buck, or whether they are actually offering a necessarily superior service than others. Bartering with these companies is not uncommon, so do not be afraid to haggle for the best price you can get. This process will also allow you to get to know the company you end up dealing with, and help forge a relationship; they will know that you are a tough nut, who demands the best, and you understand where their loyalties lie by way of customer service. This knowledge will help in the future with organization and an discrepancies about price and damages et cetera.

Plan the move extensively with the head of your removals team. Let them know exactly how you want the process to proceed, and ensure that specifics like times and places are set in stone. You should plan to start packing the van up pretty early in the day, so that you end up traveling during the middle of the afternoon, when the traffic is at its lightest, avoiding rush hour. If these specifics are put in place earlier rather than later, the less chance there is of anyone forgetting them and turning up late or getting lost. Ask questions about damage limitation and compensation, as well as finding out about how well the company are insured. If you fear that the insurance bracket is not high enough, and you have to move some extremely expensive or delicate items, then you may need to pay more to raise the premium.

This in mind, keep an eye on the removal team at all times, and get your family, or anyone else involved in the move, to be vigilant in making sure that any mistakes or damages made are spotted and accounted for. Otherwise, you may find yourself with dents in the walls and broken items and out of pocket, with no way of proving that it was not your fault.

Plan with your removals team as to how the placement of everything will go ahead at the new house, showing them on a plan of the house, where the larger items should go. Label the tools and the boxes s that everything ends up in its correct place. Lay down plastic sheeting if you have carpets, or floors that are hard to clean, as it is too much to ask your removal service to take their shoes off every time they bring something new in to the house! There will be some dirt and mess, as that comes naturally with the process, but if you should feel the level of mess to be unacceptable, then talk to the foreman about it.

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