When moving to north London, you will rarely be moving in to a massive house, as most places in the area are not available in large quantities. If you are moving into a large five bedroom house, then well done to you, you are extremely lucky, the area is fantastic and the houses in the area are beautiful. If you are not moving in to a palace, then do not despair however, you’re in luck. When moving a smaller property, like a flat or smaller house, then you will often not need the services of a larger removals company, as they will be geared up towards doing enormous moves, with loads of furniture and a large van etcetera. You will likely not have as much as this, and to use a larger service would be a massive waste of resources and money. Avoiding the various issues surrounding choosing a removals company means that the moving process is that little bit less difficult, and will inevitably mean that you have less to worry about by way of having loads of packing to do and the like. So, five reasons to hire a N1 man and van service…

1. The obvious: the price. You will pay a lot less for using a man and van service for half a day, than you would to use a removals company. This obviously has a lot to do with the service that you get, but if you don’t need a load of men helping out, nor a massive van, then you are in a good position to save your money in a big way.

2. Ease. The ease with which you can get hold of a man and van at last minute notice is astounding. With a larger company you will need to book in advance in order to get everything sorted properly, as well as to get the best deals on price, but with a man and van there will be loads of services available across London at the click of a button or a quick call on the phone. Look in the Internet or in your local ads for small time van men who will be more readily available.

3. Local Knowledge. You should be hiring a van man from the area that you are in, as this will reduce the costs of initial travel, as well as meaning that you will be dealing with someone who knows the area pretty well. This means that you should have the upper hand when it comes to knowing the traffic in the area, as well as ways to avoid busier roads, alongside short cuts and other things.

4. Flexibility, hiring a van man will often mean that you can use them for as long or as little as you would like, which puts you in a great position if you are not sure exactly how long the move is going to take. Getting a van man to do another trip round should not be an issue, but getting a removal company to do so will be unlikely…

5. Further savings. You will be able to make as much or as little of a move as you like if you are using a man and van service. With a fully sized N1 removals company you will most likely have to do things their way, but with a smaller service you can have friends helping out, do as many runs as you want, and generally structure your N1 move day to suit you and make things cheaper and easier for yourself!

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