When a family or a single person is considering the idea for moving, they will like to choose the best place for their new life. That is why not only the town or country you are going to is important – it is also significant part of the relocation to find out which is the best part of the city to live in, study and raise kids.

For long time there is an opinion in the society that the suburbs are the best regions in the big cities. With the development of this idea another one appeared, and this is the making of the so-called planned communities. In case you are wondering what exactly is the difference here is short information about that.

The planned communities or also called planned cities started to appear in order to help the development of undeveloped and not so inhabited parts of the cities. That is why their building is carefully planned and executed. From the time these places started to grow all over the world, Navi Mombai is known as the largest structure of this type existing in the world.

Like every other choice and the one for the area to move to, have two aspects – advantages and disadvantages. What will make you an impression from first look is the fact that in these places houses look very similar to one another. So this means that your home will not have special looks or spirit, because it will be no different from all the others in the zone. What is good however is that the planned communities always include well designed landscapes and green spots. And this is a plus no one can deny.

In case you are a person that do not follow rules and do not feel like someone can tell you how your facade or front yard have to look like, you will probably get very disappointed. It is common practice for the contracting companies in such areas to have strong requirements what color should be your house or how high the grass can grow. You will face a lot of troubles if you choose to ignore the rules. Be sure you are aware of any additional things that will be your obligations, when you are buying a property in a planned community. What you have to ask is whether or not you have the right of additional building to the front and the back of the property.

Be very well informed about what recreational activities are available at the planned community you have chosen to move to. Thus you will not be disappointed later, when it turns out that you have to travel for any entertainment and sport activities to other parts of the city or even to other cities.

The major disadvantages of the simple planned communities led to the appearance of the Master-Planned Community. They are one step up and are not so artificially looking. They have significantly more amenities and different place for sport, free time and everything else.

What is the main minus of the suburbia planning are the traffic jams they cause. It is a problem that can be solved in the future. So in case you are planning to have a long life in the new neighborhood you are going to and do not like to be made to move again from the circumstances, be sure that you have left time to go to the city hall. What you have to do there is to ask for the future plans of the area. Thus you will be able to see whether or not highways or other special speed roads will be made to ease the traffic.

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