As anyone who has moved house will already know, relocation can be a massive pain. There are a great many pros and cons to moving house, but the actual process of packing everything up and shifting it across to another house is enough to put anyone off of moving, no matter how nice the new place is! While many of us will be aware of the more obvious things to consider when moving, like renting a van, and booking a removal company, there are a great deal more little aspects to the move that you may not have considered. Here are our tips and tricks for house removals in Maida Vale.

The overall aspect that many people will not consider is time. Giving yourself plenty of time in which to plan every possible eventuality will no doubt reduce the chances of anything going wrong. Keep in mind the variables of weather, traffic, and human error, and you should not go far wrong with your planning. With this in mind, get a friend of relative with a keen mind to look over your plan, as they may think of things that you have not. Giving yourself time will also allow you to find the best deals, rather than spending over the odds on the quickest solution when in a panic.

Make sure that your removal team are set to arrive early in the morning, so that with load up time considered, the actual driving part of the move happens in the middle of the day, avoiding the worst of rush hour traffic. If you can, arrange to move on a weekend, but be sure to avoid bank holidays, as you may have to contend with the rest of the country, who are all relocating for the weekend!

Consider how the rest of your family will be feeling during your Maida Vale move. If you have younger children that are not completely aware of the task at hand, you may need to find a relative or nanny to look after them. Small kids can take up a lot of attention at the best of times, and when things are strange, and there are a team of men removing everything from the house, they will likely feel quite scared. It is unlikely that you will be able to juggle the tasks of keeping a toddler happy and getting the move underway, so having someone to look after them would be a plus. If you can’t find a carer for your kids, then make sure that they are out of the way, perhaps find a distraction for them in a favorite video, or a games console. You can imagine the problems that could arise if you have small children running around the house while the removals team, armed with heavy boxes and furniture are working, an accident could be fatal on both sides.

Give a bit of thought to the new property, and how things will run when you get there. Check out the parking restrictions, and get the right permits for your van to be stood outside as you unload. The last thing you need on the day of the move is an expensive parking fine! Make a comprehensive plan of the new place, marking in where all of your larger items of furniture should go, so that they get put in place straight away. This will mean that you don’t have to move things yourself in the future. Label your boxes with the rooms that they are destined to be deposited in, and label the rooms appropriately, so that your removals team know where everything goes.

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