Imagine the scene; you’re thinking about taking on an international removal. It’ll be like a dream come true, you can take up residence in one of those wonderful towns you once called a holiday destination. You can surround yourself with a new culture, traditions and most importantly, a better climate. Slow down though, while it has never been easier to emigrate, there are still a few things you’ll need to keep in mind. No matter where you’re moving to, these are all important tips.

Money makes the move

You’ve got to make sure that your finances are all in order, and that you can actually afford to make this move. Remember, you’ve got to take multiple costs into account; the removal company, the travel costs and buying supplies and furnishings when you actually arrive. Also if you’re taking out a loan to cover some of the costs, are you sure you can afford the repayments? If you’ve managed to secure a job overseas ahead of time, then this won’t be too much of a problem. If you’ve not, then figure out how you’ll be making money.

Make sure you’re ready

You’ve got to make sure you can speak the native language of the country you’re moving to. If you’re moving somewhere in Europe, like France for example, then you might think that your basic grasp of the tongue, combined with a phrases handbook will get you through the day. Don’t be too sure though, because even though English is a widely spoken language down there, French is preferred. And since you’ll be dealing with taxes and government protocol on a regular basis (if you want to be treated like a resident), then you’ll need to know French. Take some steps to learn the language a few months in advance, at the very least, and you should be okay.

Pack everything you need, but only what you need

What do I mean by this? Well, you’ve got to be sure you don’t over pack. When moving internationally, bigger items will be quite cumbersome and expensive to ship, to the point where it’s more practical to buy replacements when you arrive. With this in mind, consider selling your furniture and white goods before you leave, so you can use the money you earn to re-buy everything on the other side.

Speaking of things you’ll need; have you got all of the relevant documents? Like the proof of your travel insurance, the birth certificates, medical information and an up to date passport? Keep them all in a folder close to hand when travelling, just in case something goes wrong.

Hire the right removal company

Be sure to hire a removal company that specialises in international moves, that way, you can be sure that they know all of the protocols and in turn, the process will move along more smoothly. Other than that, all of the usual advice for hiring the right removal company applies here; go only for those with a proven track record for quality, and for those who offer reliable estimates.

Consider a man with van mover if your move is a small one and your destination is mainland Europe. For smaller moves, they’ll be far less expensive, but just a little less efficient – it’s definitely worth the trade off.

So, there’s quite a few things to consider, but don’t let the fear of all of this work dissuade you from going through with an international removal. Living in a new country is a refreshing and rewarding experience. It’s definitely something that everyone who’s in a position to try it should try.

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