When it comes to life in another place, especially if it is a big change like moving from a big city to a small town and it is a big change, there are many things that will not seem normal. Understanding that big cities and small town life is very different and accepting this is the first step to seeing that each of these cultures have their own way of doing things and the differences are usually pretty phenomenal. This leads to the perception that one way or the other is not a normal, compared to the way that you are used to attitudes being and that is one of the main differences…. attitudes.

The small town mentality
The small town mentality is much more hospitable in most cases, well actually in almost every case. Small town residents are used to knowing their neighbors and doing things with the people in their little community. Of course there are various populations to small towns and usually the max is classified as around 20,000 residents or less.
It is pretty common in small towns to have community gatherings and small organizations. The pubs are usually filled with the same folk as every other day and the playgrounds usually have the same families out with their children. Small communities are proud of this because they know there community members, which is a big difference in the two varieties.

A down side to small towns is that everyone knows everyone else’s business; this isn’t such a big thing for introverts or home dwellers though. Small towns are just more in touch with their residents and what is going on in their lives. This just has to be expected as there are only so many people in the town and everyone knows someone, someone else knows and word travels fast from one side to the other side of town. Small towns are quite peaceful though and have their big advantages, like peace and quiet. Most small towns don’t have the problem of people hot-rodding down the street at 2am or huge parties happening next door.

The big city way of doing things
The way of doing things in the big city is much different from small town life, which is much slower in comparison. Big cities have a hundreds of thousands of people, especially in cities like London. This leads to meeting many different people, tourists and many people from all around the world there for one reason or the other. There is nothing wrong with this and it is quite exciting but it leads to people being a lot more closed off to meeting too many other people. Crime is more prevalent in bigger cities because of the many cultures and the mass of people, which is a big difference from smaller towns where the crime rate is not so high usually.

The great thing about big cities is that opportunities for work run rampant, which is not the case in a small rural town. When living in a big city a person can easily find a place to live right near their place of work and in a smaller town people travel outside of town to get to their place of employment.

There are many other differences in the two ways of life that just have to be experienced to realize but they are both equally great depending on what you are used to.

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