When you have moved home, or changed your address, there are a number of people and companies you need to inform. As there are so many, it is easy to forget the important ones. Here is a comprehensive list to help you to remember who to notify of your move.

Most Importantly:

• Employer(s): make sure you tell your employer(s) so that all payslips and important letters come directly to you at your new property.
• Friends & Relatives: tell all your friends and family what your new address is. Send out letters to everyone telling them the date of your move so they know when to start using the new address from.
• Local Authorities: tell the council so that they can change your council tax payments.
• Schools: go into your children’s school(s) and ask them to change your child’s address on their database.
• Driving License: get a change of details form from the post office for the DVLA, complete the form and send it in the envelope provided along with anything that they require (such as your driving licence and paper counterpart). If you have to send additional things with your form that greatly increase the weight of the envelope, ensure you attach the correct stamp duty.
• National Insurance.
• HM revenue and customs: call to make any amendments to your details.
• Tax Credits / Child Benefit: to avoid your payments being delayed, lost or cancelled, ensure you tell the relevant benefit authority.


To ensure you receive all letters, appointments and correspondence through make sure you change your address with each of the following:
• Dentist
• Doctor
• Optician
• Vet

It may be necessary for you to change one or all of these medical professionals depending on how far you move from your previous home. If this is the case, call each professional and inform them you have moved to someone in another area, therefore they can all letters being sent out.

Financial and Professional Institutes:

To protect your money, prevent identity fraud and protect sensitive information, it is very important that you contact all financial and professional institutions to request they change your details. These may include, but not be limited to:

• Accountant
• Bank or Building Society
• Credit Card Companies
• National Savings Bank
• Loan Companies
• Premium Bonds
• Solicitor
• Vehicle Registration

Utilities and Insurance Companies:

You will need to contact your utility companies anyway to tell them that someone else is moving into your old property and therefore any bills accumulated is by them. It is at this point where they may ask you for the meter reading at the time you moved out, and ask if you turned off all utilities before securing the property. Here are some of the companies you will need to contact:

• Electricity Company
• Gas Company
• Home Contents Insurance
• Insurance Companies
• Life Insurance / Pensions
• Telephone Company
• Television Licence Authority
• Vehicle Insurance

Other Services:

Don’t forget any other services you have delivered to your home, for example:
• Milk Delivery
• Newsagent
• Television Rental Company
• Appliance Rental Companies

It may be the case that you need to cancel some of these services if they do not deliver to your new address, therefore you will need to settle any bills. Ensure you contact companies who offer things like milk and newspaper delivery as soon as possible, as otherwise they may still deliver and charge you for these services.

Finally do not forget to contact the Post Office and arrange having any mail that is sent to your old house redirected to your new home.

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