Moving house can be quite an overwhelming and stressful time for pets. Both cats and dogs in particular grow to become attached to their surroundings as well as people. Moving with cats will be a lot more difficult than moving with dogs. Dogs are more reliable on people such as their owners and in need of constant attention. Cats are a lot more independent so will have made their habitat in the local surrounding area rather than with people. When relocating cats or dogs you really have to plan ahead to ensure it’s not a distressing time for them.


Cats will not be used to travelling in vehicles, in comparison to dogs. Over the forthcoming weeks before your move, take your cat on small, shorter trips around the neighbourhood to ensure they get used to the distance and to travelling. Once you arrive at your new property, allow your cat space and time to get as comfortable as possible with their new surroundings. Allow them to discover the house first and then gradually allow them to explore the surrounding areas. This may seem a little cruel at first but it will prevent your cat going astray or trying to find their old residence. It will definitely take some time to get your cat used to its new surroundings and to get familiar and comfortable with their new home. Whilst unpacking or carrying on with the removal, there will be people coming in and out of your home and this may feel a little alarming for your pet. Make sure it has plenty of food and water with a comfortable place to sleep and a familiar or cushion that is familiar to them. After you’ve all started to settle in, make sure your cat is relaxed and content prior to you opening the door allowing them to venture out. Some cats really take to discovering a new house and area; others shy away from it a little and look for a hiding place. Therefore, they will venture out a lot more slowly so be patient and allow them to do this in there own time.


Cats may enjoy a routine, but dogs tend to embrace a change in setting. Dogs tend to be more attached to their owners as opposed to cats who are more attached to their environment and surroundings. Therefore moving with a dog is a lot easier than with a cat. Your dog will probably be used to travelling via car or on a lead, but make sure your dog is prepared for longer journeys if you’re living a lot further away. Like cats, you could try driving them around the neighbourhood or on longer journeys, a few times to get them used to it. It’s likely your dog has become used to travelling in a car and being on a lead. Dogs can get a little distressed, similarly to cats so make sure you supply them with plenty of food, water and comfort during moving day. Dogs tend to get rather excited by change and want to explore straight away. So take them for a walk whenever you can, as soon as possible and they will absorb their new surroundings and feel more comfortable, helping them to calm down.

Make sure you allow your dog to smell around and mark its territory. And ensure your dog goes outdoors on a daily basis and instruct them strict rules and restrictions when it comes to busy traffic and manic roads.

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