Relocating is difficult and a move to London is definitely a big challenge. It’s normal to have mixed feelings about your house move to Knightsbridge – a mixture of excitement and anxiety. Most people feel that they just want the move to be over, so they can enjoy their new home and get accustomed to the area. However, packing an entire house for a move and then unpacking and settling down are so exhausting and time-consuming, that one can easily feel overwhelmed by the amount of tasks that needs to be done. Moreover, a house move is an expensive undertaking, and if it hasn’t been planned, one’s budget might not even cover it.

What can you do if you have to move, but you really can’t spend that much money on the move? Does that mean you need to do a self-move and even drive the moving truck to the new location? Don’t despair just yet – you can choose to move in the off-season and pay a reasonable price for the relocation. Most people don’t even know there is an off-season, but there is. In general, the summer months are the so called peak moving season. The months from May until September, when the weather’s warm, dry and sunny are the perfect time for most residential moves. People not only feel more active and energetic, but it’s more convenient in terms of school and summer vacation. Scheduling a move in the summer though usually happens months earlier, because the best companies get booked quite early. This demand has made the summer the most expensive season for a house move and especially the weekend – some rates do look like a daytime robbery.

The good news is that the other months are much calmer in terms of house moving. If you pick the winter months, you will not only easily find an available reputable removals company, but you will be charged less. This benefit makes people forget how inconvenient winter is in general and schedule their house move between the months of December and February. Another benefit is that the company you hire will be able to pay more attention to detail and the customer service will be much better, on top of a really good discount. Spending less on moving services will allow you to invest more in your future home which is a great benefit. Choose the moving date carefully though – you wouldn’t want to say goodbye to your relatives and friends days before Christmas and New Year’s. The most convenient winter time for a move is the beginning of December (with plenty of time to settle down at the new home and prepare for the festive season), or between mid-January and beginning of February.

This way you will be properly settled down when spring starts and you wouldn’t have to sacrifice your summer holiday to make time for relocation either. It might not seem this way, but moving in winter has plenty of benefits that can make all the difference. As long as you manage to hire a reputable removals company, the service will be impeccable and there will be nothing to worry about during the relocation process. Delays because of bad weather are something typical for winter, but it’s not something that will stop you from actually moving successfully.

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