If you have made the decision to move out of your SW5 home and either buy or rent a new property, you will have a lot on your mind, a lot of decisions to make and a lot of things to sort out and do. One of these things will be packing up your belongings to take with you, although this is one of the most important things you should think about and do, it is often one of the things that gets left until last and often is rushed.

What is the problem with leaving the packing until last?

When you rush the packing you are doing yourself no favours, here are some of the ways in which packing last minute can hinder you:
• When you hire a removals company to move your things in between houses, you are paying for the amount of stuff that they are moving. If you have not had the time to go through your things and sort out the things you don’t want or don’t work anymore you may be moving stuff to your new home that you won’t end up keeping. This is a waste of time and money.
• If you don’t properly wrap and protect your belongings, consider how you are filling boxes and what items you place in what box you could unpack the box in your new home to find its contents are broken or damaged in some way. You will then need to pay to either fix or replace these items.
• You will add unnecessary time constraints and therefore stress to moving home, moving is stressful enough so why would you want to make it more so?

If I have left my packing quite late, is there anyone that can help me?

Yes, there are an increasing amount of professional companies that are offering packaging services to people in your situation. A simple internet search should highlight some removal companies in your area that offer packing services.

What are the benefits to hiring a packing service?

• They will usually supply all the materials that will be needed for the job, this will save you time and money when it comes to buying these material for yourself and the annoyance of having to dispose or store the materials left over and unused.
• Packing services are experienced staff who know the best ways to box up your things correctly and avoid them shifting and/or breaking inside the box when they are being moved.
• They are also knowledgeable in the ways of protecting your belongings. They will supplu and use protective wrapping such as bubble wrap to cover your fragile items, and foam peanuts or scrunched up packaging paper to fill empty spaces in boxes and avoid your things moving about, whilst also offering some protection against bangs.
• There are some items that you may not know how to package and protect, things like mirrors are usually troublesome for movers. A packing service will be able to package these things for you.
• The removals company will usually include liability insurance in their quote, or at the very least offer this at an additional price. This covers you for any belongings that are damaged or broken while they are being boxed up or moved.
• As packaging services are supplied by removal companies, they will most likely be able to transport your things to your new home for you, at an additional cost, and help you to unload the van when you arrive at your new property. This will help you to settle into your new home much quicker.
• They may also be able to dismantle large, unusually shaped or heavy furniture for you so that it is easier for you to get in and out of the houses and the van.

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