If you are facing a house move to the London area of Chelsea, it really doesn’t matter what the reason for the move is, as every relocation is quite a straight forward process. The major stages of a house move are the following:

• Preparing a checklist for the entire process, including helpers, dates, etc.

• Preparing a budget list for the move and discussing it with your spouse.

• Researching moving companies, getting quotes and meeting with representatives. Choosing a mover for the job/ Hiring a moving truck or man and van. Deciding what services you will be paying for and how much you will do on your own.

• Setting the exact date for the move and informing neighbors, relatives and friends.

• Taking the inventory and discussing fees, insurance and type of moving estimate with the moving company. Sorting out your belongings – to pack, to throw away, to sell and to donate. Organizing a garage sale or going to a boot sale; organizing a recycle for old items.

• Buying packing material (if you are packing on your own), supplies and tools. Looking for used cardboard boxes in department stores, pharmacies and shops.

• Sorting out all the details of the move, including utility services, mail and subscriptions, finding a school for your children, gathering medical and dental records, gathering all personal documents, paperwork and academic transcripts, etc.

• Sorting out all your belongings and starting the packing process. Calling friends or relatives for help with the packing process.

• Reminding the neighbors of the day and time of the move and asking for free space for the moving truck on the parking lot.

• Preparing for the moving day, going through the moving day and arriving at the new house/flat.

• Settling down and sorting out the new home. Cleaning, renovation, fixing issues, etc.

Considering all of these stages, a house move would turn out well and successful if you manage to prepare well for it and stay focused throughout the entire process. Whether you will pay for a full-service or you will do a self-move, there will be plenty of tasks to be taken care of so it will be a busy process nonetheless. A house move is always a challenge, even if it’s just a short-distance one and you don’t have a big house. If you want to go through it easily and hassle-free, you just have to be prepared for anything. Accidents do happen and things rarely go according to your perfect plan, but you don’t have to worry about everything all of the time. Focus on doing things one step at a time, watch video tutorials on packing and disassembling furniture pieces, talk to professional packers and invest in quality packing material, because that’s what will ensure the safety of your items. If you are moving to London from another country, browse schools and major places and attractions in the area, so you are well prepared for the change of location. The first few weeks and even months you will be adapting to the area and finding new things every day. It’s a stressful experience, but it’s also quite exciting. This will definitely be one of the most memorable experiences in your life, so make sure you are ready for it. Everything you need to do is focus, stay organized and choose the right moving company – all the rest will happen naturally after that.

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