So, your little prince or princess is not quite as cute, quiet and cuddly as they used to be, they’re fast approaching those terrifying teenage years, and if you think you’ve seen tantrums, think again. A kid’s room is a great place to start the transformation. Give your child the independence, space and creativity they desire by transforming the den of dolls and cars into a teenager’s paradise of, well, whatever it is that teens are into nowadays.

Bed: Start with the bed, especially if it’s complete with cartoons or ladders. Beds are expensive, so you’ll only want to purchase a new one once, and with any luck, a new bed in your kid’s room will see them right through to them moving out. If space permits, opt for a simple and sturdy double frame for a grown up look. However, if your kid’s room is on the smallish side, then you can enjoy some of the more stylish alternatives to completely rid the room of any kid’s bedtime feel.

Walls: Walls can be a tricky one and may well lead to a few cross words on the debate of taste. Whilst it’s okay to let them opt for a colour or pattern they’d like, it’s best to put your foot down at gothic red walls or the latest pop band border, you will both only live to regret it. Instead, transform a kid’s room into a teen’s with modern wallpaper, soft colours or a feature wall which will leave them feeling at home right into their twenties.

Flooring: Again, flooring is expensive, and only needs to be replaced if necessary. Always opt for a neutral colour, yet nothing too light. There’s the possibility of wooden floors, if it’s in budget, however, there will probably be so many dirty clothes and mugs strewn across it that there shouldn’t be too much debate in style and colour. For a large room, a rug can create colour, warmth and a grown up touch.

Wardrobe: A wardrobe can be a great DIY option to turn a little kid’s room into a young adult’s, especially for girls. If there’s nothing that can be done to remedy the current wardrobe, invest in a well-built, sturdy model, in a light shade. These are great options as they can be repainted countless times to suit your child’s tastes as they grow. If you’re not keen on getting crafty, a wooden or white finish can instantly be transformed with some stylish door handles.

Desk: If your kid’s room doesn’t have a desk, or it’s a little small, now is a great time to purchase one. Whilst it might only be used as extra storage for now, it won’t be long until homework starts mounting and they have books and papers which need a safe place. Not only is it a necessity, it’s also a great little space that can be their own. Again, invest in a sturdy model, or revamp an original with painted drawers and trendy drawer handles.

Accessories: Finally, accessories finish off any room, and completely change a kid’s room into one fit for a young adult. Filling a desk with stylish storage solutions or adding decorative tins and boxes across shelves is a great way to hide away clutter whilst still being band on trend. Curtains or modern blinds can complement your new theme, and everything from decorative coat hangers, wall art and photos or a sleek desk lamp will soon make your child feel like a real adult in their very own, newly transformed room.

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