One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes down to house removals is, “When is the best time to perform the moving?” However, a frank answer to this question is: there is never a right time. Each time of the year has its upsides and downsides. As much as this might be a personal choice and depends on the different client, there are some so-called golden rules, which it’s highly advisable to adhere to if you want to guarantee yourself and your family a hassle and toil-free removal. The chances of you not facing any difficulties during the removal process are pretty slim, but if you can reduce these difficulties as much as possible, why not? Carefully plan the whole undertaking, be patient and next thing you know, you will already be lounging around in your brand new house.

During which season is best for you to make your removal? Like almost all other aspects of the removal, there is no sure answer to this question. At least one is for sure – unless you are really forced to do so, avoid winter house removals at all costs. Heavy snowfalls are bound to get the removal vans stuck in some drift. This might not only damage the contents of the van, or in other words – your personal possessions, but will also increase the time for the whole moving process. Winter is a bad choice for another reason, too – it’s a holiday period. A lot of people go on holiday because of Christmas and New Year, which leads to busy roads, which itself results to, again, extra time needed for the removal. And after all, one of the key aspects of a good removal is for it to be as quick as possible.

The other seasonal extreme, the summer, might not be too good of an option either. Temperatures are so high that it makes every task and physical activity almost unbearable, especially when it comes down to carrying heavy boxes, crates and furniture. Just like winter, summer is definitely a holiday season, even much more than winter. Same problem – busy roads. Plus, many removal companies charge higher rates during the summer. There is something else you need to consider if you plan to move during the summer – the children. If you have kids, especially small ones, it might be too difficult to juggle between them and the whole moving process. However, if you need to move during your children’s summer vacation, consider sending them off to visit their grandparents for a couple of days so that you can concentrate solely on the moving.

This leaves you with two options – spring and autumn, the first being preferable mainly because of the better weather conditions.

Which day of the week to choose? One is for sure – plan your moving to be on a weekday. If it’s necessary, take a couple of days off of work. Weekends are not a good option, since they are too busy – busy roads, busy removal companies which, in most cases, even charge more for weekend services.
Bottom line is this: unless you are really forced, try and postpone your removal to a more convenient time, or in other words – a spring or autumn weekday.

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