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Man and Van
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House Removals
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Combining the Best of Customer Service and Removal Services Makes for Perfect Removals

London MovesMany Removal Companies seem to provide the same list of services. But there are several areas – call them 'cornerstones' – that really make or break a removal. If done well, the customers will be pleased and their belongings will be safely delivered to their new home or office. If done poorly, it is quite noticeable. And while these cornerstones of the business are vital, they rely heavily on a cast of supporting characters that are absolutely essential for a successful removal. So what are the cornerstones and what are the supporting characters? Well, read on to find out how at Movers we combine the best in customer service with the best Removal Services to provide perfect removals. Anywhere in London, anywhere in the UK, anywhere in Europe, actually. Our company can provide you with the best removal options for your budget. We can fit any budget, really, since we provide a comprehensive list of Removal Services. You can choose what you need and what is most affordable for you as if choosing from a menu. The more items you choose, the easier and quicker your removal will be.

The cornerstones of every successful removal include loading, transportation and loading. There are many things that can go wrong during this significant part of the removal. It is usually the most time consuming and can be the most harrowing for the customer. Furniture could get wrecked, items packed poorly in Moving Boxes could get broken or damaged, things could get lost, the walls of the house could get scratched or worse. In short, there are sometimes problems before the removal really gets underway. But we pay extra attention to the details during these parts of the removal because with years of experience under our belts, we know where the hazards lie.

Loading is done carefully and always with enough movers. Not putting enough people on the job could lead to problems for the customer and the items being moved. This is why we complete a removal survey prior to loading up the moving van or lorry, so we know that we have enough people on the spot during your move out day. The Transport of your belongings, either to a secure self storage unit or to a new home or office, is always done by our expert drivers with the utmost caution. Insurance coverage is a must, of course. By employing GPS units and knowledgeable drivers, we can ensure worry free removals every time.

Unloading is equally important for a successful move. When we load the vehicle, we make sure that the items that go on first are the ones that will be moved into the house last. It's simple logic, but will save you time in the long run. Loading boxes and furniture room by room is not always possible, but when unloading, our movers will place items in their designated rooms and will follow any instructions that our customers have about where to place items. After all, that is why you hired movers in the first place. If you could move a large sofa or wardrobe yourself, you wouldn't need a removal company. So why would we place things willy nilly and take off? That just doesn't make sense. Unfortunately, it is what some of the competition does. But we're not like the competition, we're Movers.

If you think that all you need a removal company for is to take care of these main elements, you might be right. But think again about how helpful it would be to have someone come to your house and help you decide what size vehicle is necessary and how many Cardboard Boxes and Packing Materials will be needed for you removal. These are some of those supporting characters we mentioned. After you have had a professional assessment and have ordered packing materials at great prices from us, you can even have us do the packing for you. You may think that this particular supporting character is simply a luxury for the wealthy. Not so. If you have us do your packing for you, you will be amazed at the great rates we offer and also the quality job we will do. Having your packing done properly can ensure that all your items arrive in one piece, which doesn't often happen when people do this task on their own.

House Movers in LondonPacking complete? You may need the help of another supporting character during your removal – Storage. Many people use self storage if they will be traveling for an extended period, if they are students between terms, or if there is a lag between the day they move out of their old home and the day they move into their new home. Whatever reason you have for needing Storage, we can provide great security and even better rates. Call us today on Call Now! to see how affordable this particular service can be. Need to be unpacked in a hurry? Or would you just prefer to have your removal over and done with as soon as possible? In both instances, the unpacking service from our company will serve you well. And don't worry about us putting things in the wrong place – you will be the supervisor of this particular service, so everything will be just as you want it and your home will be comfortable and cozy for you and your family. An office is a bit more straightforward when it comes to unpacking, but this service could mean the difference between opening for business on time or spending valuable hours among the boxes. And when it is all said and done, having us cart away all the left over packing materials from you removal is a relief to you and good for the environment, since we will reuse and recycle everything possible. Whether you are hiring us for the whole ensemble of Removal Services or just a few of the parts, you will be pleased with our level of customer service and our affordable prices.

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Dependable service! The driver was respectful and on time, showing exceptional efficiency. My move was done quickly and with care. Highly recommended for a smooth experience.    
Casey S.
The workers were extraordinary in delivering the items. The gentleman and his team were very helpful and efficient throughout the operation.    
D. Loy
Great team. Professional and efficient. I would recommend them to anyone preparing for a major relocation.    
L. Weldon
If you want a stress-free moving experience, Moving Services is the company to choose.    
Claudio L.
The movers' dedication to providing smooth and hassle-free relocations is truly commendable.    
K. Hinton
Moving with Moving Services was a seamless process thanks to their efficient services.    
Ally Pedraza
Professionalism was evident in every step of the process, from floor preparation to furniture relocation, making this service stand out.    
Raelyn Otoole
With Mover, you can relax knowing that your move will be handled professionally and efficiently by their reliable team and complete equipment.    
G. See
The staff's clear communication and professionalism were greatly appreciated during the move.    
Cali Mancini
Every single crew member displayed kindness, capability, and a truly welcoming demeanor - all qualities that make for an exceptional moving experience. Incredible value for money, and I would unquestionably hire them again.    
Glenn Viera