Moving to Switzerland: Pros and Cons

Moving to Switzerland: Pros and Cons

15Oct 2015

Except chocolate, Switzerland is also known for the great lifestyle it offers. It has air so pure and clear that you actually need help processing; it offers amazing views of mountain ranges and beautiful lakes that will leave you in awe, and has some of the most reliable transport in the world. The standard of living will appeal to everybody who can afford it and once your removal van drops you off at your new address there, you can immediately start feeling excited for your new life just based on the view of cleanliness around you. But there are two sides to every coin, and you should be aware of both the good and the bad sides of moving house to Switzerland.

Pro: Switzerland is an amazing place for a family to thrive. 2-lakes_600x400It has a rich outdoor life, that invites you not to rot in your flat and awaits you to step out and have a wholesome time out around the lakes, spend time biking, hiking, or even skiing in winter.

Con: Fitting in as an expat can be difficult, especially if you don’t know the language. Swiss people are rarely compromising when it comes to language, and most of the activities require it. Also, the whole country shuts down on Sundays, this sacred day is truly sacred in Switzerland as the only thing you can find open is some transport, gas stations, and a few local stores.

Pro: Switzerland offers amazing housing options.3-housing_600x400 The architecture of all the houses on sale is solid and beautiful, flats are well kept and come with parking space, and they are always near transport links so that you don’t feel closed out from other parts of the city you live in.

Con: Housing is expensive. If you want to get a house with the relocation, be financially prepared. Flats are more affordable, but if you want a flat, you should know that many of them come with shared laundry rooms and noise curfews. Landlords are quite strict and will rely on the local authorities to keep order if they have to. Never try to ruin a Swiss person’s peace.

Pro: Working is always an option. 4-work_600x420The employment rate of the country is very high and you can always find something to do. And even if you are having difficulties with that, there is always something to be gained with volunteer work.

Con: Again, you need to know the language, or at least German or French. Employers are not always seeking English speakers, if ever, and foreign degrees don’t hold much weight for them. So if you can’t fit in as an expat, you will have some trouble getting work.

Pro: There are plenty of schooling options in Switzerland.5-schools_600x450 After moving house there, you can immediately find a place for your child. The country has international schools especially for expats if your child is unfamiliar with the language. Also, the streets are clean and safe, and so kids can be quite independent and left to walk alone in the streets. You will see many children playing alone both during the day and the night.

Con: Private schools can be quite expensive, so that’s another blow to your budget. You can instead send them to public schools, but that will require the child to be proficient in the Swiss language, otherwise it will struggle during classes, and even among its schoolmates – kids can be quite cruel and uncompromising. Note that many schools don’t have a cafeteria – this means 6-relocation_600x480either making lunchboxes every day, or having the kid go home for lunch during the extended lunch break.

While it has its difficulties, life in Switzerland can be mostly great. Once the language barrier is raised, and you are settled financially, you should have absolutely no trouble fitting in and living a proper life, just as the Swiss do. So weigh the pros and cons and make a decision that will benefit you and your family. If the answer is yes, start the preparations, make that moving checklist and see which removal company will suit your needs best. Time for a relocation to Switzerland!

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