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Office Removals - Making Your Business Relocation Easier

Office Removals - Making Your Business Relocation Easier

10Sep 2014

Moving office will always be for a reason that will further the business in some way. It does not matter whether you are upscaling to expand operations or downscaling to reduce costs, all moves are based around increasing profits, and making the best out of your business. You will find that there are many things that can go wrong in any removal, but when you are in charge of an office relocation, you need to be especially careful, because there will be a lot more at stake in terms of expensive equipment, and issues revolving around the sheer amount of items that need to be moved. If you are concerned that you may not have a total over view of the things that could be an issue, then it may well be worth having a look over the following points to ensure that you are well covered. 1.    You need a decent removals company. A proper office removal needs to be carried out by a proper office removals service. There is very little point in trying to do the job with an outfit that is less than capable for the sakes of saving a few pounds. The fact of the matter is that an office more is a massive job, that relies on a delicate balance of logistics, and if one thing goes wrong or is delayed, then the consequences could be pretty disastrous in the long run. 2.    A good removals company will help you to plan things properly. If you have planned everything well, then you will know exactly what you are up against, and can make provisions to protect against issues that may crop up, like delays, extra fees, parking issues and so on. These things will seem very obvious when they are happening and messing the whole removal up, but you won’t think about them unless you put your mind to it properly well in advance. 3.    You need to have the office staff on side throughout the planning process, as the removal will get in the way of everyone’s plans within the business. Whilst your view of the removal will be on a wider scale, looking at how it affects the business further down the line, the head of accounting may well see it as a massive hindrance to their totaling of the quarterly reports. There is no doubt that you will be able to ensure that you are getting the removal done in a decent way for one set of people, but if you fail to take in to account these smaller sides to the story, then you could have a much larger problem on your hands.4.    Have the removals company come to the office to have a look around. It is pretty important that they are fully aware of the place, so that they can take stock of the job as a whole. This means showing them exits, entrances, parking, and areas that may be difficult to get through with a large van. You should make them aware of the furniture that needs moving, as well as any larger items that may be difficult to get through certain doors or spaces.5.    Be aware that you need to keep the time that the office is out of action to a minimum, but at the same time, do not rush anyone. The job needs to be done well, as any mistakes could lead to issues with efficiency much further down the line, and you will regret it sorely should that become a problem!

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The movers from Moving Services worked efficiently, arrived on time and delivered everything on time too, and without any loss or damage, which was somewhat remarkable considering the size of the load. Competitive rates too, great job, keep it up!    
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