When you’re having to store something, you will come across many issues and ways of doing things, and it is these elements that make the process so stressful, alongside the continuing costs of rental, as well as the difficulty of getting things to storage in the first place. There are many things that people get wrong when they are sorting out a storage locker, and if you know them then you can prepare to avoid making the same four mistakes made while hiring storage space SW6.

Firstly, many people get storage as the first reaction to having too much stuff. Do you really need to be paying through the nose to keep these items, or would you be better off selling them, and buying new things when you have the space for them? The only reason to store things is if they are too valuable to part with. If it’s an emotional value, then fair enough, it’s hard to part with things that mean a lot to us, but you will have to part with them at some point, and you need to think hard as to whether this piece of furniture or whatever it is is worth the enormous cost of keeping it safe in storage. If you are holding on to something because of its financial value, then you are looking at an investment style opportunity, in which you will be making money on something’s eventual value. In this instance you should not be spending more to hold on to it, than you will be getting for its eventual sale, so be careful that your emotional connection to the stored item is not putting you into the red financially.

Secondly, size. Getting the size of your locker right is difficult, especially as most of the things that you will want to store are going to be in different areas of your house. If you can, then get them in to a garage or small room in the house and pile them against one wall. If you stack them carefully, you will be able to measure straight lines around the outside of the pile in order to find the correct size for the locker unit. Or, you can just go on the measurements of the van that you are using to transport everything, as if it fits in there, it will fit in a locker that is the same size.

The location of your locker is something that people also get wrong. If you live in the city, rent is very much more expensive than in the countryside, and for the same reasons, SW6 storage is no different. You may feel like you want your items to be nearby, but in actual fact, unless you will be visiting the lock up all the time, it is often best to keep things a little further away if it saves you some money. If you are constantly visiting your storage unit, then you will likely end up spending just as much on travel as you would save, so do the sums and make sure it’s right for you.

Finally, consider the type of storage that you are using. Some units will be very secure, with sealed up walls and heavy doors, while others could have gaps under the walls and a flimsy door. Some lockers will just be a spare barn on a farm, or a garage at someone’s house. The price for different styles of locker will vary as the quality differs, but the conditions that your items are kept in can affect them quite significantly, so watch out for damp, rodents and temperature change, or your stored items may suffer.

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