Finally your move in is finished; you’ve gathered all of your precious stuff in the new place, tidied up and are ready to live in it. But don’t forget to celebrate all that hard work of moving by throwing a party. Getting to know you neighbours is always important when you are new to an area. Even if this doesn’t seem so important in the first few weeks or so, it will become clear eventually. So prepare yourself and your new home and throw a fabulous welcome party for yourself.

Yes, I know what you are going to say – welcome parties are usually organised by the existing inhabitants of the neighbourhood. But this is the time to win them over and to make a lot of new friends, which will help you a lot in the future. So, it is time for a surprise. Here are some ideas for a great party:

Before starting the organisation of the party, please make sure your new place is ready to accept, handle and impress all of the visitors that will be invited. This might turn out to be crucial in terms of how successful the party is. The place must be perfectly cleaned and arranged, so you can leave a good impression from the start of the event.

And when your place is ready, now you can start with the organisation of the party itself. Try to keep the style of the party in accordance to the atmosphere of your new neighbourhood – if it is a posh one, make sure to provide a variety of classy food and drinks, or if it is a more laid-back part of town, a barbecue might be the perfect event. Cooking the food by yourself will always win over some of your guests. Or even better, you can try to ask the visitors for some help in the kitchen or near the grill, which will make them feel more comfortable and welcome in your house.
After you pick the menu, make sure to provide the right music as a background to the event. Never risk it by choosing some extreme kind of music like heavy metal or exotic dance music or even old-fashioned country. Just be cool and use a soft mix of pop and rock classics, well mixed up with the hottest hits of that present moment. This combination is always liked by the masses. Of course, if you know that your neighbors adore a particular music style, use it to make them feel comfortable and warm.

Now let me see if we’ve forgotten something; we have the menu, the background music and the place. Now, it is important to make the party a surprise. The easiest way to surprise everybody in this case is sending unexpected and stylish invitations. Yes, I know that usually invitations are not sent, but this is the surprise element! It is not necessary to hire a graphic designer to make them – it will be even nicer if you do it by yourself. It will have a better effect on your guests. But do not make them confusing either, be straightforward about the time, the place and the dress. Just include the starting hour, the place and the date, add a friendly greeting or a joke, then some decorative elements, and you are ready to go. Now you have the recipe for making the ideal welcome party. Go for it!

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