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Moving home is a big step in anyone’s life – whatever age you are, however much you think you’re used to it, there’s still plenty of things that can take you by surprise. The costs, the amount of work involved, the amount of planning involved to name just a few. When dealing with an international move, all of these still apply, but there are a few extra things to think about.

Don’t worry though, by being aware of the extra steps required, you can make your plans accordingly. Here are the main things that you need to keep in mind when making an international move, and why they require your attention;

Sort your finances out

The financial issue is a big one. Sure, even moving down the road will require a bit of cash, but moving out of the country is a different story. You’ll need to pay for your flight / boat trip, as well as the extra costs associated with moving your possessions. There’s also the moving services to hire – from packing companies to international movers, you’ll need to make a note of how much everything will cost, and budget accordingly.

Not only that, you have to think about life after the move. What will be your source of income? Are you guaranteed a career once you arrive, or are you going to look for one? Do you have enough money to spare if finding a job turns out to be difficult? You’ve got to make sure that you can take care of all of the costs required, it’s the first and arguably the most important step.

Beware the language barrier

When moving overseas, there’s always the language barrier to think about. Sure, this won’t be a problem at all if you’re moving to one of the many English speaking nations around the world. But if you’re moving to France, for example, or anywhere where English isn’t the main language, you really should learn at least the basics of the language.

You might think that in a country like France, you’ll be able to get by with a simple phrase book, but keep in mind if you’re moving for an extended amount of time you’ll have to take care of government procedures, like paying your taxes, getting various licences, etc. You’ll have to sign up for a new bank account too. Imagine having to do all of these without a grasp of the main language, and it’ll become clear that learning it is a necessity.

Figure out what you’re bringing

When you’re getting closer to the actual move, you’ll need to think about what you’ll be taking with you. The main issue here is weight – the more possessions you want to take with you, the more you’ll have to pay for their transport. For this reason, it might make sense to flog your heavier items, like your furniture and heavier appliances, and simply re-buy them once you move in. You’ll end up saving money, and you’ll have to put less work into the packing and moving process. It makes a lot of sense. Also, be aware of the customs restrictions. It makes sense to research what you can and cannot bring into your country of choice. By being aware of this, you can avoid problems once you arrive.

Hire the right moving company

There’s also the issue of the moving company. You have to make sure that you hire one that not only has experience and a good track record with international moves, but one that moves to your country of choice on a regular basis. This will allow for a smoother and more efficient move.

If you find yourself struggling to choose between movers, you might want to consider looking up reviews. An international move is a big commitment, so you will want to make sure that you hire a mover that’s up to the job. Be sure of your chosen companies’ moving credentials before you sign into a contract with them.

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The movers from Moving Services worked efficiently, arrived on time and delivered everything on time too, and without any loss or damage, which was somewhat remarkable considering the size of the load. Competitive rates too, great job, keep it up!    
Barry McDonald
The movers took great care when loading and unloading my possessions. Everything remained undamaged. That's what I cared about the most and Moving Company delivered.    
Mandy M.
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The movers from Moving Services worked efficiently, arrived on time and delivered everything on time too, and without any loss or damage, which was somewhat remarkable considering the size of the load. Competitive rates too, great job, keep it up!    
Barry McDonald
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Helen Carter
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