Moving home is a difficult time and can often end in horror stories fit for any dinner table but having a story to out trump your neighbours isn’t always the greatest end to a move. So here are five simple and effective tips to avoid stress and drama during your Marylebone house move.

1. Plan Ahead
A house move is always bigger and more complicated then you expect it to be, so it is important that you start planning and packing early. This way you can deal with any problems that arise well in advance of your moving day so that you and your Marylebone Removals Company can get you in to your new house quickly and stress free. Make sure that you have enough boxes and packing materials way in advance of your move so that you can pack everything at your own pace and you don’t rush it all at the last minute.

2. List and Label
Labelling you boxes will not only help you and your Marylebone removal company on moving day but it will also make unpacking a lot easier. Make sure that you number every box and write a list of what is inside it as you pack. That way you can be sure that everything is packed and easily locatable. It is always a benefit to write a list of every box and its contents as well so that you and your removal company W1 can each have a copy. This will mean you are able to check that everything has been loaded properly before you sign the company’s documentations saying so. It is also very handy if you accidentally pack something you need during your move as you can easily locate exactly which box it is in.

3. Don’t Over pack
When talking to friends you will hear a lot of complaints about sore back and achy shoulders so to make sure your move is a success and you are pain free by the end, make sure you don’t over pack your boxes. This can be avoided by planning ahead as there is a temptation to over pack boxes if you are rushing. To avoid making boxes too heavy use suitcases with wheels for heavy items and bulk out boxes with lightweight items. Just remember, if you are straining to lift it then it is not a safe weight and you either need to reduce the weight or get help lifting it.

4. Keep everyone Informed
On the day stresses often come from the move being bigger or taking longer than expected. To minimise this you must keep your W1 removal company informed. Make sure they do a survey of your items before you start the moving process to make sure they are prepared for the size of your move. As well as this you should make your company aware of any difficult items you may have. This includes heavy/bulky items or fragile pieces that will need more time to move. If your company is aware of all this then there will be no reason for there to be unexpected delays during your moving day.

5. Essentials Box
The last and possibly most important step is to pack an essentials box. This box should contain everything you need for the 24hours during your move including any important documents, wash things and phone chargers. This box will save you from any frantic rummaging and box opening during your moving day as you should have everything you need all in one place. Other important things to put in your essentials box is a roll of toilet paper, a spare change of clothes and a simple meal such as pasta for when you move in.

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