Moving home is generally considered to be one of the most stressful and unpleasant experiences we go through in our lives, If you’re planning on moving to Highbury in North London, then the woes that go with moving home will be no exception. However, if you plan out your move ahead of time as much as possible, especially the packing, then you can spend more time enjoying your new home and what Highbury has to offer.

What You’ll need

Before getting to the packing, there are a few things that are essential when packing. Firstly, you’ll need some boxes. A good, and cheap, way to get hold of boxes when moving home is to ask around at some of your local shops, especially supermarkets or grocers. Most of the time, they will happily give you old delivery boxes for free. Another option, if you need more specialist containers, is to check online or with your removal company. You’ll also want to invest in some heavy duty packing tape and a Stanley knife, and labels or a marker pen. The tape will secure boxes much better than normal household tape, and the Stanley knife is a much quicker and safer way to cut the tape than using scissors. All of this can be done fairly cheaply too, with the added bonus that most boxes will be reusable if broken down and stored after the move is completed.

Planning your packing

You don’t want to leave everything to the last minute, so draw up a list of items that can start to be packed well in advance of the moving date. Ideally, you should start packing the least commonly used things first, working your way up to the things you use everyday, which can be done the day before the move. This way you will have the majority of your packing done ahead of moving day, and it will make things a lot less stressful.

Organising your packing

When it comes to actually packing your things, make sure you label all boxes clearly, not only with what they contain, but also the room the items belong in. If you want to be super organised, you can also colour code your boxes by room. This will streamline your unpacking immensely, meaning you can get everything into the right rooms straight from the removal van. When packing your boxes, make sure you put the heaviest items at the bottom, cover them in a layer of scrap paper or bubble wrap, then work your way up to light items at the top. Try to fill any gaps will smaller items or more scrap paper. If you want to strengthen a box, then double tape around the seams. If you have any especially delicate items, then make sure you label them appropriately, and let your removal men know what the delicate items are.

Unpack at your leisure

By following all these tips, unpacking should be fairly easy once you reach your new Highbury home. Everything should be in the right rooms ready to be unpacked, and you won’t have to worry about shifting loads of things around after a tiring move. Another handy tip is to have a box or case of refreshment and food, perhaps with a change of clothes and toiletries, on hand. If you unpack this first, you can freshen up, enjoy your new home, and start unpacking as it suits you.

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