When moving home it is important that you are fully aware of all the services available to you to make your Holland Park Move go as smoothly as possible. To make sure you get the best out of your Holland Park Removal company here is a detailed look at the services they offer:

• Packing advice and Assistance
Your removals service Holland Park are trained professionals in all things removals so they are a vital source of information and guidance when you are preparing for your move. They will be able to provide you with advice on how to pack up your items as well as providing you with boxes to do so. They will also be able to assist you with the backing and wrapping of large and specialist items on the day so that you can be sure that your items are backed correctly to minimise the risk of damage.

• Safe loading and transportation
Being skilled movers you can be safe in the knowledge that your items will be packed and loaded in to the moving van safely and effectively. Your company will know exactly how to strap down your items so that they do not move around and get damaged during transit. As well as this they understand how to load their vans safely, distributing the weight of your items properly so that they can be transported safely to their destination.

• Insurance
Many people find out the hard way that household contents insurance often does not cover their items whilst they are being relocated. Due to this your removals company will have their own insurance to cover your items whilst they are in transit. Though all professional W14 removal companies will have this insurance it is best to ask for proof that they are covered just so that you can be sure your items are covered. That way you will be able to carry on with your move worry free knowing that you are protected just in case your items do get damaged in transit.

• Storage
Many removal companies will also offer a storage service if you need your items storing before you move in to your new property. This is very beneficial for many as it takes away the need to search for and hire a self-storage unit. Your removal company will come and collect your items for you and store them safely and securely in their own W14 storage facility. They will then keep them until you are ready for them to deliver them to your new address. This means you can have your items transported and stored safely and securely and only have to deal with one company for the whole process.

• Unloading
Just like loading, unloading your items is a delicate and potentially hazardous procedure. Your removal company will make sure that all your possessions are unloaded safely using their skilled staff and equipment and deposited in to your new home ready for you to unpack. By labelling the boxes and giving your company a list of which boxes are destined for which room in your house you will enable them to put them in the right rooms. This is useful for you as it means that you don’t have to lift and carry heavy boxes around your new home before you start unpacking.

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